Best e-commerce Software Platforms for Small Business Venture

//Best e-commerce Software Platforms for Small Business Venture

An e-commerce site is a platform that keeps an online store running and makes its management and usage easy. There are several e-commerce platforms for small businesses.

  • Shopify

What makes Shopify top e-commerce platform are the below-listed features:

  • Online storefront
  • Shopping cart making payments easier
  • Social media selling
  • Payment processing
  • Web builder
  • Web hosting
  • Back-end functionality
  • Management of inventory
  • Customer resource management
  • Mobile access
  • Analysis report
  • The peaks of Shopify are diverse
  • Convenient selling and payment mode

These save time. Customers can easily select products, shipping method and payment details.

  • Fast payment processing

The presence of a ready and quick payment option makes everything easy. Shipping is the business owner’s responsibility. Orders placed are automatically updated.

  • Marketing tools

Shopify provides many marketing tools that help attract and retain customers, for example, the social network integration.

  • Ease of use

Shopify has a simple and easy to use interface. Setting up a new account takes a few seconds. Shopify has ready-made themes; thus, no technical know-how is required.

  • Affordability

There are different packages with unique requirements, for example, Shopify lite. There are no hidden charges.

  • Customer services

Customer support is open 24/7 via live chat, email and phone calls to solve website management and functioning issues. The Customer service is friendly and offer quick help. There are also options to solve problems on your own like FAQ.

  • Big Commerce
  • Prices

With big commerce, there are no transaction fees, no limits on products or staff accounts. There are unlimited file storage and bandwidth in all different plans.

  • Customer service

Big commerce follows up with emails after calls. They have a setup store call or chat to speak to support team with quick response.

  • Volusion
  • Pricing

Volusion has a 14-day trial, and no credit cards information is needed. Payment is made monthly with no setup or cancellation fee. There is a 10% discount on full-year payment. No third party on payments.

  • Customer service

Video tutorials and support is given via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Third dimension cart

There are over 100 payment providers. Volusion is affordable and has 100+ optimized templates. Volusion has an easy inventory management. It is also equipped with SEO and marketing tools.

  • Customer service

Customer support is available 24/7. You can also email them or visit them on their knowledge base center. E-commerce University has information on Volusion.